Have a little bit of extra money on a grant that is wrapping up? Taking longer than expected to hire a researcher for your grant? Consider hiring me to fill in the gaps. I can bring my interviewing expertise to: give you feedback on your interview protocol, perform your interviews, write up targeted top-level reflections, and then leave you with the data. Or, I can also bring my broad background in theoretical frameworks and qualitative analysis techniques to support your subsequent analysis in moving forward. Get in touch if you would like to learn more. My M.A. is in Physics and my Ph.D. is in Interdisciplinary STEM Education, with a focus on college physics. 

My specialty is the relationship between experiences (e.g. courses, workshops, equity programs, PD) and people's skill development, sense of community, and sense of self. I'm more likely to say, "yes," to projects in this area in particular, but I am open to wider topics. Definitely ask!