Piecing Together is a podcast about the struggles and successes of communities, with a focus on university STEM education. It is both produced and hosted by Angie Little.

Currently, Piecing Together is mainly a volunteer labor of love with an average of 1-2 episodes per year. We hope to expand through grants and donations.

Episode One. In this episode we talk to the Functions Research Group, a mathematics education research group at the University of California, Berkeley. The group discusses some of the hard work involved in creating a supportive space where people can receive feedback on work-in-progress.

Episode Two. In this episode, we sit down with collaborators at Harold Washington College and Chicago State University to talk about an innovative program to improve physics classrooms. The program was originally started through a grant collaboration across the two institutions. Ultimately, physics faculty at Harold Washington made it sustainable, including some innovations unique to their context. The collaborators offer insight into what made the program sustainable. "There is something really special when two- and four-year colleges come together as genuine partners."