Designing Educational Experiences for Proudness

Today, I'm excited to be the speaker for DePaul University's Physics Department Colloquium. I'm going to talk about my research on students' experiences with challenge in college physics. I always try to share some practical resources at the end of my talk for people who are interested in further information. In this case, I wanted to share with folks this 6-page general audience article that I wrote about designing educational experiences with the goal of supporting students to do things that they are proud of. Soon, I'll also be able to share a full journal article on the research side of things!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Research Group Experience

I wrote a really short and readable two-page article on the following topic: how do we make research groups supportive spaces for feedback on work-in-progress? The article focuses on some principles that the presenter can keep in mind to get useful feedback. Below is an excerpt, or you can click here to get the full two pages. This article was originally published in the Physics Education Research Consortium of Graduate Students (PERCOGs) Newsletter. PERCOGs puts a lot of awesome things into the world - check them out!

 "Flower" by Flickr User solarisgirl. CC BY-SA 2.0

"Flower" by Flickr User solarisgirl. CC BY-SA 2.0

Piecing Together Podcast: Inaugural Episode

The very first episode of the Piecing Together Podcast is here! In this episode we talk to the Functions Research Group, a mathematics education research group at the University of California, Berkeley. The group discusses some of the hard work involved in creating a supportive space where people can receive feedback on work-in-progress.

 The Functions Research Group in action.

The Functions Research Group in action.

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Vocalo Storytellers: Partnership Between the American Indian Center of Chicago and Northwestern University

Last Spring, I was a part of storytelling program through Vocalo, a local radio station here in Chicago. My piece was about a partnership between the American Indian Center of Chicago and Northwestern that involved tapping maple trees on campus. It was also more generally about what it means to keep culture alive while living in a city like Chicago. Last Fall, Vocalo played clips from our pieces on air. You can listen to an interview with my fellow storyteller, Ayinde, and me, here. Ayinde's piece is also really interesting and has some related themes, but if you want to skip to my part it's at 9:50.

You can also listen to the full piece here: