Intentional Design Toward Supportive Communities in Physics Education

Today, I'll be at Stanford to give the Physics Department Equity and Inclusion Seminar. I'm looking forward to talking with folks about intentional design of supportive communities. At the end of a talk, I like to refer people onto further resources. Here, I've collated some relevant resources.

(1) A 6-page general audience article that I wrote about designing educational experiences with the goal of supporting students to do things that they are proud of.

(2) A 4-page general audience article that I wrote with Gina Quan: "Creating Together in Compass: Strategies to Support Participation." We discuss the jargon buzzers idea as well as other strategies toward creating a community where we hear everyone's voice.

(3) A 15-minute podcast episode and 2-page general audience article about making research groups productive and supportive spaces.

Then, I also wanted to link to this Physics Teacher article by Johnson et al. (2017) titled, "Common Challenges Faced by Women of Color in Physics, and Actions Faculty Can Take to Minimize Those Challenges." In this article they describe, "the characteristics of a department where women of color report that they are thriving."